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General Motors Hy-wire

Electric car General Motors Hy-wire

By hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system by the Hy-Wire car used in the traditional layout has been revised. Constructed without the need for a conventional engine block and transmission system operators on the steering column and pedals mechanical connection through the power of the car, and one electric motor are coupled to a flat skateboard configuration. This is done so the car is the focus, but especially to standardize to reduce vehicle propulsion systems. Since all the propulsion and energy storage systems are in the skateboard designers are accommodated free, but the passenger compartment shall think fit. This enables a very flexible vehicle configurations such as a 4-door sedan, mini van or even a small bus, are provided on the same drive system, with the only difference is the shape of the upper body of the vehicle and the position of the seats. The skateboard itself contains crumple zones similar to conventional cars.

The Hy-wire is continuously operated by a fuel cell with a production capacity of 94 kilowatts of power without gas stations on a salt-water solution, and up to 129 kilowatts for a short time. The fuel cell itself is hydrogen, can be made of 3 tanks of compressed hydrogen in the skateboard of 2 kg (4 lb), but future models hold greater capacity to obtain increased driving range is provided. With its three-phase electric motor of 1.814 kilograms (4.000 lb) vehicle a top speed of 160 km / h (has 100 miles / h).

The car's drive-by-wire system with cameras instead of mirrors and several paired LCD displays for feedback to the driver in theory allows the driver to be located everywhere, but quietly, most current designs, the driver in front or beside the other passengers in favor of maximum visibility. The digital control of the coupling of the propulsion means neither the driver nor the steering and throttle controls must be fixed. For example, the 2003-model concept of a single interface, the control of either the right or left can be operated front seats and the 2004 design makes the two front seats on a rotating platform Allows the driver and front passenger are exchanged or The driver of a passenger sit for more flexibility.