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Plug-in hybrid

electric car plug-in hybrid

In January 2007, GM introduced the Chevrolet Volt, which is expected to begin a plug-in function can, battery-dominant series hybrid architecture, which they demand, E-Flex. Future E-Flex plug-in hybrid vehicles can use gasoline, diesel or hydrogen fuel cell power to supplement the battery of the vehicle. General Motors provides for eventual progression of the E-Flex vehicles from plug-in hybrids to pure electric vehicles, such as battery technology improves. General Motors, the Volt as a PHEV-40 presents that the engine is started when 40% of the battery charge remains, and can achieve a fuel economy of 50 mpg-US (4.7 L/100 km, 60 mpg IMP), also If the vehicle batteries are not charged.

By 2009 the majority of PHEVs are on the way in the U.S. conversions of 2004 or later, Toyota Prius and Ford Escape models, the plug-in collection and had much more of their electric batteries and only extended range. Several countries, including the United States and some European countries have laws adopted to facilitate the introduction of PHEVs through tax credits, emissions mandates, and by funding research and development of advanced batteries and other related technologies. Introduction of PHEVs also benefited from laws and regulations set for hybrid vehicles in force.

Chinese battery maker BYD Auto and auto manufacturers released the f3DM PHEV-68 (PHEV109km) sedan to the Chinese market at the Fleet 15. December 2008 for 149.800 yuan (U.S. $ 22,000.) Toyota, General Motors, Ford, California startups Fisker Automotive and Aptera Motors, Volkswagen and Volvo are planning to introduce production PHEV automobiles. The PHEV-6 (PHEV will be offered 9.7 kilometers) Toyota Prius, starting with commercial fleets in 2009. The luxury Fisker Karma PHEV-50 (PHEV-80 km) sports cars is scheduled for late 2009, and GM PHEV-40 (PHEV-64 km) Chevrolet Volt and Saturn Vue PHEV and the Volkswagen Golf 50 km-plug-ins is expected , in 2010. Ford Escape SUV PHEV-30 is already used in the fleets of utility, and by the general public in 2012.

On 18 July 2006 Toyota has announced that it intends ", a hybrid vehicle that developing locally on batteries by a household outlet, is charged before a switch to a gasoline engine for longer hauls, too. " Toyota said she plans to migrate to lithium-ion batteries in future hybrid models, but not in the next generation Prius, expected in autumn 2008. Lithium-ion batteries are expected to improve significantly the fuel economy and a higher power to weight ratio, but cost more to produce, and increase the security of the concerns about the high operating temperatures.

In 2003, began the sale of Renault Elect ' road, a plug-in hybrid production version of its popular Kangoo, Europe. It was sold alongside the Renault Electri " " ' cit