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Toyota's Lexus RX-Hybrid

Electric Car-Toyota-Lexus-RX-Hybrid

Not only that, the RX 400h hybrid in fuel economy with the help of the electric motor can 400h/Harrier hybrid to 60 mph (97 km/h) in less than 8 seconds faster than the gasoline-only RX. Despite the increased performance of the RX 400h/Harrier Hybrid consumes roughly the same amount of petrol as a compact four-cylinder gasoline engine and it is a Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) in America. Under the Japanese " " standard 10:15-mode consumption of the Harrier Hybrid can run 17.8 km will be created per liter of fuel (with the standard coil as compared Harrier V6 3.0 L, the 9.4 kilometers/L returned). But selling in real life, with goals, 50% urban, 50% 70 mph (110 kph), not the full benefit of regenerated braking energy. They are more likely to get close to 10 km per liter. In Japan, it qualifies as " " 4-star LEV-car, where it produces 75% fewer emissions than the standard in the Heisei 17 (ie defined in 2005). In the U.S., the RX 400h with a revised 2008 EPA fuel economy rating of 26 mpg city, Highway 24 for the AWD model is certified. Due to the ability of the hybrid system to switch off the gasoline engine at low speeds or when idling, its fuel consumption in city traffic better, as opposed to conventional gasoline and diesel trains.

The standard Lexus RX, the RX 400h has a comparison of different grille and round Foglight, and other LED tailights designed to replace the conventional LED which, at the RX330/RX350. Different exterior colors available. When launched in 2005 to life, the RX 400h was only trimmed with brushed aluminum interior accents, instead of wood in the standard RX offered. That changed in 2006 when was the RX 400h with Bird ' s Eye Maple trim levels available. Other changes for 2007 include the addition of hybrid emblems on the rear doors. A hybrid information display on the navigation screen displays, electric motor, gasoline engine and regenerative braking activation in real time. Some RX 400h models without the navigation screens display the information on a small monochrome display on the instrument panel, similar to Toyota Camry Hybrid models without navigation system. Other features include electronically controlled braking and at Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management Stability Control System

debut the second generation Lexus RX hybrid, the RX 450h, at the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2008. The RX 450h was first performed in addition to their non-hybrid equivalent, 350 in the third generation RX Both models were introduced as model year 2010 vehicles, with a hybrid concept vehicle, the LF-Xh, preview shows before they are shaping the direction of the international car a year. Manufacturer's specifications indicate identical external dimensions for the RX 450h with the RX 350th With the introduction of the Lexus Japan, ahead of Toyota Harrier Hybrid and the Toyota Harrier, was discontinued. The RX 450h is expected to go on sale in the U.S. mid-to late 2009, with sales introductions for the RX 450h in Asia (including Japan) and Europe that year.

The Part of the RX 400h gasoline-powered engine is a 3.3 L 3MZ-FE V6, very similar to that found in the RX 330th It produces 211 hp JIS (155 kW) and 288 m